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I am a 65+ year old college (engineering) graduate, with an attitude that I will call intelligent liberal. I believe in helping people who deserve and truly need help, but not in carrying those who refuse to do for themselves. I am religious, being a lay minister, but have an unorthodox view of God - my belief is that He/She is the ultimate Creative force, but I see no ultimate conflict between creation and the scientific account of the Big Bang and evolution. We are enjoined to use our creative faculties and reason to find God and to improve the lot of the world around us.

Politically, I have developed a deep distrust of both political parties, and believe each will lie, cheat and steal to advance their own interests, without much regard to the real benefit of our country. I believe that the least government is the best, and the best law is the one not written. Next to that, I believe in Jonathan Swift's proposal, that all laws should be passed by a Court of Fools, whose sole function is to determine if it could be understood by an average fool.